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Millersville Movers 4-H Club

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Becoming a Member
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Who Can Join? 

We invite anyone aged 8 - 18 to join. Adults are welcome to join as a volunteer, especially if you have a special skill or unique knowledge that you would like to pass on to the next generation. 

Benefits of Joining 

The benefits to joining 4-H are whatever you make them. This is a club where your interests can be reflected in what the club does or you may chose to study a project independently. Once you reach the age of 14 you may qualify to win one of several out-of-state trips.

How Can You Join?

Before joining it is always best to visit the club and make sure it will be the right fit. Then fill out the enrollment forms and you are done! Our club requires dues of $12 a year, which can be paid monthly. If you are interested please call our club leader, Debbe Malin at 410-987-7577 or if you want to find out more about 4-H in general you may the the county office at 410-222-6755.